Connecting with your customer

I recently made a list of 5 things I believe are important for selling your services or your products.

Number One: Connect with your customer visually.

This means a couple of things. Whether you are trying to sell me a product or provide a service on my behalf (thinking physician’s services), I expect you to connect with me. Look me in the eye. I am not a “sale”. I am not a “case”. I am someone interested in something you are hopefully interested in providing. I don’t have to get a product or a service from you. I have selected you.

I have never considered myself to be in sales. As I have “matured” in my career and life, I realize I have been sorely mistaken. The service industry, which I consider healthcare to be, is all about sales. If you, the customer, don’t come to my facility, my practice, my office, it won’t matter that I am the best clinician or surgeon.

Don’t get me wrong. I expect you to be a competent clinician, however, as your customer I want more. Look me in the eye and find a way to connect with me. Providing the patient experience I desire will transform me from being a satisfied patient/customer to a loyal one.


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