Meeting your customer’s needs

This is number four on my top 5 list of what I consider important action items to sell a product or to sell your services.

Meet your customer’s needs. To do that, you need to anticipate and understand what the customer needs. This is not always an easy task. If you are already connecting with the customer or patient by eye contact, caring, and listening, I am confident you will know what they are seeking from you and what they need.

As I have mentioned, my experience is based in healthcare, but these concepts apply anywhere. This is one of the driving reasons for me to start this blog in the first place.

Healthcare isn’t like Burger King as we can’t always get things our way. We can, however, meet a customer’s needs by giving them choices. A physician can make a recommendation and lives can hang in the balance. As a patient, I still have choices. The same applies if you are selling me a product.

It is not my intent to offend any readers who might be physicians. I have the utmost respect for the skill, training, and experience they possess. I just think some of these little things are what makes the difference between a good medical practice and a great one. A good salesman and a great one.

So: 1) Connect with me visually, 2) Don’t underestimate the power of touch, 3) Listen, and 4) Meet my needs.

Thanks for sharing valuable time with me!


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