Weathering the storm

John Maxwell’s “Minute with Maxwell” today is all about character. What matters most is how a leader is on the inside, i.e. our character. When I think about all the “storms” heading our way in healthcare, only those with a strong character and the conviction to make difficult decisions will survive.

Healthcare reform, value based purchasing, accountable care organizations, ICD-10, and increased competition are just a few of the storms heading our way.

I really thought about this recently when a few tornadoes were on the ground last week heading directly for our community. People headed to their basements to take cover. While we can’t head to the basement and hide, so to speak, from the looming storms facing healthcare, we can be PREPARED.

We must be prepared and have the character to weather the storm. Every business faces an F3 or stronger tornado at some point.

What are the storms heading your way and how will you develop the character to weather them?


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