Posted in April 2012

Leadership is like gardening

Leadership is a lot like gardening. We select new employees (plant or seed selection), pick the best spot for them to grow and plant them (orientation and job start). Employees also need to understand the culture of the organization, or shall we say the garden bed they are planted in. Just as newly planted seeds … Continue reading

Selling yourself and your products

At the GFAF (Gluten Free Allergen Free) expo in Chicago with glutenvygirl. Some thoughts immediately came to mind. I thought this event would be very small, basically a niche marketing event. For me, I think of how this relates to my venue, healthcare. I can’t think of an area in business where service and selling … Continue reading

Service is universal

I decided tonight that some things have a great deal more in common than one might think. For instance, healthcare and restaurants when it comes to customer service. If only we were attentive to our patients like a good waiter. Tonight, in a busy restaurant in Chicago, our waiter kept us informed and set the … Continue reading