Posted in May 2012

Orange barrels in leadership

Originally posted on Courageous Leadership:
Orange barrels.  I am pretty confident that all I have to do is mention orange barrels and everyone who reads this will understand what I mean.  Road blocks. Traffic snarling confusion.  Sit and go nowhere road construction.  In America the orange barrel is the symbol for barriers and roadblocks, in…

Love is the killer app

When I woke up today, my thoughts immediately went to how crazy busy the last few weeks have been and I don’t see an immediate relief in sight. “Here we go again” came to mind and I realized even after a good night’s sleep that I am a bit weary. My team and I like … Continue reading

We’re connected

I wore a special handmade bracelet the other day. The bracelet was given to me by a physician friend of mine, procured on a recent trip to Mexico. As I was removing it after a crazy busy day at work, it dawned on me how the bracelet represented connections. Many article or books have been … Continue reading

Fruits of your labor

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I like to compare leadership to gardening.  After we have carefully selected our staff, our relationship is just beginning.  We need to provide the things our staff need, just like a good gardener would.  Ensure the seeds (staff) are watered and nurtured and even “weeded” from time to … Continue reading

Don’t Train Me!

Enjoyed a great session today with my fellow directors at Salina Regional Health Center! Our facilitator was Jim Kane of The Advisory Board. We spent our time developing skills to instill accountability in our organization and teams. I am excited to share some of the key concepts from today but am keeping things short and … Continue reading

Use your ability

As leaders we spend a good amount of time mentoring and growing our team. I believe in servant leadership. We have a responsibility to our teams to create a positive culture and nurture those we surround ourselves with. We have a responsibility to ourselves too! We all get busy with juggling schedules, family, the ever-growing … Continue reading