Don’t Train Me!

Enjoyed a great session today with my fellow directors at Salina Regional Health Center! Our facilitator was Jim Kane of The Advisory Board. We spent our time developing skills to instill accountability in our organization and teams. I am excited to share some of the key concepts from today but am keeping things short and sweet tonight. Up early tomorrow for Leadercast!

Here is one quick takeaway from today. I hadn’t thought much about the difference between “training” and “leadership development”. Training is something we can do with a pet. A pet can be trained to perform certain tasks to get a certain result. For instance, a treat after they go pee, sit, rollover – you get the idea.

What we seek to do is “develop” our leaders and our team. We develop them to give them the tools to think! Every situation may be different and require our team members to think through a issue and make a sound decision. The same decision every time (like a trained puppy) is NOT what we want. Let’s develop our team to enable them to make the right decision at the right time.


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