Fruits of your labor

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I like to compare leadership to gardening.  After we have carefully selected our staff, our relationship is just beginning.  We need to provide the things our staff need, just like a good gardener would.  Ensure the seeds (staff) are watered and nurtured and even “weeded” from time to time in the form of mentoring and feedback.   If you have done a good job in hiring the right staff for a job, then the leader should let them do it.   The leader represents the watchful gardener, ready to handle the needs of the garden, providing whatever is needed to ensure the garden grows.  When the leader dedicates himself or herself to the success of the team, the bounty of one’s professional garden is sure to follow!

Just yesterday, I was in my small garden and noticed the mulberry tree I severely pruned back last fall is full of the most beautiful berries!  I dug up a nice little bundle of white icicle and cherry globe radishes we well.  I have to admit my garden is far from “weedless” and I wondered if my severe pruning would be the end of my mulberry tree.  What a simple joy to discover the tree in full fruit (now if I can only keep the birds from beating me to it) and fresh, crunchy radishes ripe for the picking!  All the hard work is paying off.  I hope each of  you can see the worth in servant leadership to your team, much like the watchful gardener.  May your team bear the fruits of your labor, much as my garden is doing for me.


One thought on “Fruits of your labor

  1. I used to have a fruitless mulberry tree in my back yard that we had to cut down because it was diseased. I miss the wonderful shade it provided!

    I agree that gardening and yardwork provides a great metaphor for leadership. I wrote a blog post myself recently about the leadership lessons I’ve learned from working in the yard. (Seven Lessons Yard Work Has Taught Me About Leadership

    Take care,


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