Orange barrels in leadership

I wanted to share this post from a fellow leadership blogger. Thinking this morning of the orange barrels facing our teams and how, as leaders, we can help navigate barriers, remove obstacles, and keep driving to get through the orange barrels. How have you dealt with the orange barrels?

Courageous Leadership


Orange barrels.  I am pretty confident that all I have to do is mention orange barrels and everyone who reads this will understand what I mean.  Road blocks. Traffic snarling confusion.  Sit and go nowhere road construction.  In America the orange barrel is the symbol for barriers and roadblocks, in the name of progress.  A few years ago motorists in Ohio joked that the orange barrel was the State flower. They are just simply everywhere.  Yesterday, while my husband and I were travelling through Virginia, we had the privilege of getting behind a truck full of orange barrels.  I couldn’t help but wonder to what highway they were headed, and how they would be used to block or redirect traffic.  I could only pray that they weren’t going to start putting them down right in front of us!

These tools used in road construction are a great visual representation…

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