There are many things a leader can do to get people to commit to following you and “enter the room” where you are and be willing to go where the leader seeks to go. To move your team and organization toward a goal the leader needs to be and do more. As a leader we can show great emotion and rally our teams similar to how a politician can get people rallied behind him or her or a sports team can get their fans “all fired up”. How a successful leader accomplishes long term success is by being credible. This type of leadership and motivation for your team isn’t all about the fire and brimstone words of a preacher but the quiet, servant attitude of a leader who is credible.

Most of us have worked with excellent leaders we admired as well as some that were less than stellar. I have been blessed with one boss that I can honestly say has been one of the most credible men I have ever met. This leader says what he means and means what he says. He has possessed the ability to instill the belief in me to keep pushing toward our goals even when that means two steps forward and one step back.

Dr. John Maxwell, whom I deeply admire, talks about this is a recent “Minute with Maxwell”. Check it out at Credibility

Give me a credible leader any time, any day, anywhere.


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