Finishing the race and leaving your mark

As an old friend of mine begins a new journey today, this post seemed especially relevant and perfectly timed. Ray Stowers, D.O. begins his first day as President of the American Osteopathic Association. I am confident and trust his guidance and vision will serve physicians well in not only the year ahead but beyond. These are tremendously challenging times and we need a guiding light and a leader with a firm hand at the helm. It will be exciting to watch.


Each of us make journeys that are life changing. Each of us find these journeys have a finishing point.These finishing points can be as important as the journey itself. Finishing well has so many ramifications. How we finish impacts our lessons from the journey… How we finish impacts how we begin the next journey…
What then are the keys to finishing well?

1. Honour those who have honored you.
2. Strengthen relationships with those about you.
3. Look for opportunity to leave your space in an outstanding way
4. Fill the space you are leaving with a clear and positive feel
5. Share your vision with those around you, leaving a voice of common achievement in the community.
6. Share your vision with those around you so they have a reconnected sense of self to their space, position and the system.
7. Focus your community to a sense hope within the…

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