Expectations and Accountability

Talking with a colleague recently on the topic of how our team was doing, our conversation turned toward leaders and, in particular, new leaders. If one truly believes in leadership, as I do, we should be vigilant on how to lift up new leaders around us. As we progress through our own careers, realize that leadership is not about us. Leadership is about them.

In his most relaxed tone, my colleague shared how leadership really isn’t that hard. Leadership is about two things – expectations and accountability. Seems pretty simple. How can we expect anyone on our team to exceed expectations, let alone meet them, if we don’t let them know what our expectations are? Think about your most recent hire or the person who most recently moved into a new leadership role. Does he or she know what the expectations are for the position?

Then comes accountability. I face challenges in holding people accountable for what is expected. I would bet at some point in time you have faced this same challenge, either professionally or personally, or both.

“Are you dealing with things going wrong or setting the condition for things to go right? Be deliberate.” Shawn Upchurch.

In some ways, leadership can really be this simple. Think of someone in your arena that TODAY needs to know what your expectations are. Who needs to be held accountable TODAY? Go do that.


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