Modifying your approach

“One size fits all” and “One size fits most” are terms we often see in the clothing industry. One thing is for sure, one size doesn’t fit all, or in the case of leadership, one approach doesn’t fit all situations.

If you believe that leadership is influence (and I do), you realize that you don’t influence others by the same approach or action every single time.

Thankfully, resources are available everywhere to assist leaders to become better leaders. We can take in all the resources out there but to really influence others, we need to know our audience and modify what we take in to make it the perfect fit for us.

My father was sharing a bit of farmer wisdom the other day. He had just had a carport installed at the farm and on visual observation it looked great. He pointed out that he agreed that it looked good but he needed to make a few modifications to improve it.

We discussed the Oklahoma winds and that the carport wasn’t perfectly lined up as he had envisioned. While the carport looked great and would serve the purpose intended, he knew it would not hold up long term to his situation so he sought to modify it.

Leadership resources can be like that too. Absorb info and modify it to make it uniquely your style and to fit your unique situation.


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