Getting back to it!

Hello, it’s me!  Sensible Farmgirl here. After a hiatus from blogging (funny how life can get in the way), I have made a decision to begin once again.  I am not sure why I stopped other than got too busy with other aspects of life.  I have been on an interesting journey since my last post and look forward to reconnecting.  As a leader, our desire should be to add value to others.  I am committing to my blog again and will do my level best to add value to those that might have an interest in my posts.

If you are seeing my blog for the first time, I grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma and whether I liked it or not learned a great deal about work ethic and values that have made me who I am.  Isn’t that how it works?  Our upbringing or life circumstances make us who we are.

Stay tuned as we talk about leadership in the weeks ahead.


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