I grew up on a small farm in Oklahoma. I learned a lot about hard work, trust, and that one’s word should mean something. As kids growing up we didn’t have everything we wanted, but we sure had everything we needed.

Yes, I learned (against my will at the time) how to pluck a chicken, buck a bale, and help Dad fix fence. I also learned I could not get out of something just because I was afraid (see my post on “Doing what we don’t want to do”).  I learned how to feed a harvest crew/cook “big” (thanks Mom) and make small differences in the lives of people I love.

Today, as a healthcare leader, I work with physicians in a variety of medical specialties. The lessons I learned growing up on a farm are tools I use every single day.

This blog is about leading and developing those we are blessed to have in our lives. Leadership is not always easy, but a road that I personally enjoy traveling on.


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