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Creative launch!

I have been such a slacker on blogging! Retired from my healthcare leadership career and now focusing on my creativity and leading my Stampin’Up! Team. I love all things paper and wish to be your creative coach. Leadership is still part of my soul. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this journey called life … Continue reading

Meeting Halfway

As leaders we often expect people to see things our way. We may have the knowledge and experience to recommend a certain plan of action to achieve a certain result.  We may feel that based on our prior experience, this specific way is the way it should be done.  Experience counts, right?  While most people would … Continue reading

Modifying your approach

“One size fits all” and “One size fits most” are terms we often see in the clothing industry. One thing is for sure, one size doesn’t fit all, or in the case of leadership, one approach doesn’t fit all situations. If you believe that leadership is influence (and I do), you realize that you don’t … Continue reading

Expectations and Accountability

Talking with a colleague recently on the topic of how our team was doing, our conversation turned toward leaders and, in particular, new leaders. If one truly believes in leadership, as I do, we should be vigilant on how to lift up new leaders around us. As we progress through our own careers, realize that … Continue reading

Caught In The Day

As we prepare to face another Monday tomorrow, I wanted to share this link to a podcast by my friend, Matt Davis. Matt is Chief Strategist for the consulting firm, Third Strategy. Who hasn’t been “caught in the day”? Whether in your personal or professional life we have all faced a day that shapes up … Continue reading

Finishing the race and leaving your mark

Originally posted on horizondwellers:
Each of us make journeys that are life changing. Each of us find these journeys have a finishing point.These finishing points can be as important as the journey itself. Finishing well has so many ramifications. How we finish impacts our lessons from the journey… How we finish impacts how we begin the…


There are many things a leader can do to get people to commit to following you and “enter the room” where you are and be willing to go where the leader seeks to go. To move your team and organization toward a goal the leader needs to be and do more. As a leader we … Continue reading

Orange barrels in leadership

Originally posted on Courageous Leadership:
Orange barrels.  I am pretty confident that all I have to do is mention orange barrels and everyone who reads this will understand what I mean.  Road blocks. Traffic snarling confusion.  Sit and go nowhere road construction.  In America the orange barrel is the symbol for barriers and roadblocks, in…

Love is the killer app

When I woke up today, my thoughts immediately went to how crazy busy the last few weeks have been and I don’t see an immediate relief in sight. “Here we go again” came to mind and I realized even after a good night’s sleep that I am a bit weary. My team and I like … Continue reading