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Fruits of your labor

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I like to compare leadership to gardening.  After we have carefully selected our staff, our relationship is just beginning.  We need to provide the things our staff need, just like a good gardener would.  Ensure the seeds (staff) are watered and nurtured and even “weeded” from time to … Continue reading

Selling yourself and your products

At the GFAF (Gluten Free Allergen Free) expo in Chicago with glutenvygirl. Some thoughts immediately came to mind. I thought this event would be very small, basically a niche marketing event. For me, I think of how this relates to my venue, healthcare. I can’t think of an area in business where service and selling … Continue reading

Service is universal

I decided tonight that some things have a great deal more in common than one might think. For instance, healthcare and restaurants when it comes to customer service. If only we were attentive to our patients like a good waiter. Tonight, in a busy restaurant in Chicago, our waiter kept us informed and set the … Continue reading