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Creative launch!

I have been such a slacker on blogging! Retired from my healthcare leadership career and now focusing on my creativity and leading my Stampin’Up! Team. I love all things paper and wish to be your creative coach. Leadership is still part of my soul. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy this journey called life … Continue reading

Orange barrels in leadership

Originally posted on Courageous Leadership:
Orange barrels.  I am pretty confident that all I have to do is mention orange barrels and everyone who reads this will understand what I mean.  Road blocks. Traffic snarling confusion.  Sit and go nowhere road construction.  In America the orange barrel is the symbol for barriers and roadblocks, in…

We’re connected

I wore a special handmade bracelet the other day. The bracelet was given to me by a physician friend of mine, procured on a recent trip to Mexico. As I was removing it after a crazy busy day at work, it dawned on me how the bracelet represented connections. Many article or books have been … Continue reading

Building a team

I am thinking this morning of what components make up a great team. Diversity of experience and background are essential. We are more than ever a culturally diverse world. I believe each staff member can bring special gifts to the team. As leaders our goal should be to create and develop a blended team where … Continue reading